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2016-08-10 10:52      Mobvoi Official


The best-selling Android smartwatch in China launches globally with unprecedented Kickstarter sales


NEW YORK, NY -- August 7, 2016 -- Mobvoi, the AI startup backed by $75M in funding and the best online Android based smartwatch sales in China last year, surpassed today more than one million dollars in crowdfunding through its Kickstarter campaign to launch a global edition of the Ticwatch 2 worldwide. Ticwatch 2, the second generation of the Ticwatch, will be the most interactive smartwatch on the market leveraging Mobvoi’s cutting edge AI technologies and proprietary operating system, Ticwear 4.0.


Mobvoi set a remarkable record by exceeding the initial funding goal of $50,000 in under 10 minutes upon launching. The success of the campaign, and its ability to reach the million mark in just 13 days, is the result of rising demand in sales of Mobvoi’s signature smartwatch and a high amount of interest from the Kickstarter community.


“We remain committed to bringing the next-generation of human-machine interaction worldwide, and are thrilled to make the Ticwatch 2 the most interactive smartwatch ever to be introduced for the international mass-market,” said Zhifei Li, Mobvoi Founder and CEO. “We are grateful to our loyal community of backers who have supported us in our international endeavors, and we are excited to make them our first customers when we begin shipping next month.”


Expanding the advanced features of the original Ticwatch, users can interact with the Ticwatch 2 through four main methods, including: touch, voice, gesture and Tickle – Mobvoi’s unique side strip control, now invisibly integrated into the design. The watch additionally builds on the capabilities of the first generation Ticwatch, with significant upgrades to its core OS, Ticwear 4.0, as well as advanced voice recognition and search technologies, magnetic wireless charging, integrated speakers, and embedded sensors enabling sports and fitness tracking, and heart monitoring. Leveraging Mobvoi’s proprietary OS and unprecedented AI capabilities, Ticwatch 2 is poised to transform how consumers interact with wearable technology.


Ticwatch 2 has already been backed by more than 5,500 customers to date, and is currently available beginning at $139 on Kickstarter with 17 days left to go before it begins shipping to backers in late September 2016.


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Key Features & Product Specs

Advanced Ticwear 4.0: Ticwatch is run on proprietary Android based Ticwear 4.0. It is compatible both with Android and iOS phones.

Voice Activation: Using natural language, you can ask Ticwatch for the weather, restaurants nearby, jokes, etc. You can also set reminders, check your calendar, and even call an Uber to pick you up. When your hands are full, such as when you are driving, the accurate voice recognition allows you to smoothly reply to messages without taking out your phone.

Gesture Control: Combining accelerometers in the Ticwatch as well as precise algorithms, you can use single hand gestures to activate key Ticwatch features. Keeping your eyes on the road when driving you can flip your wrist twice to pick up or hang up phone call. In sport mode, when you don’t have time to stop, you can double knock Ticwatch 2 to change songs on the go.

Tickle: Tickle is Mobvoi’s unique patented side strip especially designed for the small screen of smart watches. Now invisibly integrated into the design, the Tickle strip allows you to scroll, select, and zoom without covering the screen or leaving fingerprints.

Touch: Cubic UI allows users to swipe in each of the four directions or long press the main screen of Mobvoi’s OS Ticwear  to access different content, curating a seamlessly intuitive user experience.

Notification hub: As a notification hub on your wrist Ticwatch allows you to quickly view and address incoming messages in situations where you don’t have access to your phone. Users can also respond to messages, phone calls, and schedule reminders through personalized quick reply messages, voice reply, and calendar syncing.

Sports & Fitness Function: Ticwatch includes health tracking, made possible with the built-in GPS and heart rate monitor, which tracks key data and your route. Users can listen to offline music on the watch, and change songs via gesture control.

Classic Design: Ticwatch 2 featuring the world’s highest screen to body ratio. With absolute round display, Ticwatch 2 fully use each inch of the screen.

Four Models: Ticwatch 2 will launch four design options, from sporty black and white silicon to elegant high quality leather and stainless steel with countless watch faces to choose from.

Select Hardware: Ticwatch comes with a built in speaker, microphone, linear vibrating motor to differentiate notifications and a dynamic optical heart rate sensor that enables accurate data tracking. Ticwatch 2 also comes with a magnetic wireless charging dock.


About Mobvoi: Mobvoi is an innovative AI company with in-house voice search technologies: speech recognition, natural language understanding, vertical search and proactive search. In October 2015, Mobvoi closed series-C round financing led by Google Inc. Since founding in late 2012, the company has raised over $75 million with a valuation of $300 million as of October 2015. Leveraging its voice search technologies, Mobvoi developed the smartwatch operating system Ticwear in late 2014 and launched Ticwatch, the online best-selling Android based smartwatch in China, in June 2015. For more information, please visit: www.mobvoi.com.